Camp Rumbug

camp rumbug

Hi Team,

We had a fantastic week at Camp Rumbug last week. We experienced exciting activities where we tried new things, faced our fears, worked as a team and even got a bit wet! Night activities included a camp fire, red faces and a disco. By the end of the week everyone was very tired. I think even a few people went to sleep on the bus!

One of my favourite experiences on camp was the ‘Jail Break’ activity. It was excellent to see the Year 5 students working together and developing appropriate strategies to help each other ‘escape from the jail’. Many teams exceeded my expectations and made it through the most challenging tyre (jail window).

Please use this page to share your experiences of Camp Rumbug! I’m looking forward to reading more about the different activities!

Miss Koth

8 thoughts on “Camp Rumbug

  1. Dear People,
    On Melbourne cup week all the year 5’s went to camp Rumbug for 2 nights. Everyone loved it ( I think…) but not really the fun and fitness course. My favourite activity was the Scare Bear because I found it fun when I got stuck on it ! My second favourite was the Abseiling because I was really scared but when I stated going down it was absolutely fine. One activity that I didn’t mind was the Canoeing because a fellow blogger in 5MR and I almost capsized. Over all I think camp Rumbug was an enjoyable camp to go to.
    Thank you From A.J.S

  2. Hello world,
    If you haven’t heard all ready, lately the year 5 grades went on camp to camp Rumbug it was awesome! When we got to camp Rumbug the view was priceless looking down at the hills covered with green grass. This camp was a 38 acre property so no wanted to get lost. The activities were so fun it sometimes felt like we were bushrangers and had to cross water balancing on one rope. Sometimes it felt like we were doing a military course, like walking across tires over mud( which I didn’t like when I fell in!) it was my number 1 camp so far.

  3. Dear fellow bloggers,
    We had a fantastic time at Camp Rumbug. We did lots of fun activities including a disco and red faces.
    We faced our fears by going to the top of the giant swing or scare bear as it was named. When you reach the top the view is amazing and even some of the teachers went on it too.
    All the 5RK girls were in one cabin together. It was interesting to see how much we talked at night and how early we went to bed and woke up.
    The year 5’s went on camp for 2 nights and 3 days. The foods we ate were:
    • Lasagne and vegetables
    • Roast lamb and vegetables
    • Ice-cream and fruit
    • Ice-cream and jelly
    • Cereal and bacon and eggs
    • Cereal and pancakes
    • Sausage sizzle
    • Rolls with fillings of our choice

    The people who could not eat the food above had a red card which meant that they had to eat food that they were allowed.

    Thanks for reading,

  4. Dear fellow bloggers,
    On the 5th of November the whole grade 5s went to camp Rumbug. We were staying there for 3 days and 2 nights. When we were there we were invited by our friendly host, Moz. My favourite activities were the Scare Bear (giant swing), Abseiling tower and the Adventure bridge, but all the activities were great. I thought that the food was awful. I really liked my cabin because I was with all the girls in my class. They took great care of us with everything. I enjoyed this camp with different reasons.
    Thank you for reading! S.Z.Y

  5. Dear world,
    This term I was so excited for our new inquiry topic. Wednesday the5th of November the grade 5 set off for camp rumbug from the pines. The camp was awesome but the bus drive was so long but I took travel sickness tablets so I was fine. The food there was great and the cabins were set out fairly (well I think so because I got all my friends). The activities were all fun but not the fun and fitness run. My favourite three activities were the adventure bridge which is a rope course were you have to have really good balance to walk along the ropes (if you fall in you will get really muddy). The giant swing known as the scare bear was epic. The giant drop was the best part. Lastly the canoeing. This was the normal canoeing but we played tag and I got soaked because the teacher kept splashing me. Overall camp rumbug was awesome but the one thing I won’t miss is the giant walk up the hill.

  6. Dear 5RK,
    Recently 5RK went on camp. I was shaking with excitement about who was in my cabin. When we got there I was excited to find out that I was in a cabin with the girls in my class. In the cabin, I was really excited to see bunk beds. At night everyone stayed up most of the night talking about how much we loved our first day at camp. On the second night we all fell asleep straight away because we were all tired and we wanted to be fresh for the last day at camp. The last day my whole cabins were sad to leave but happy to see their family again. I really enjoyed grade 5 camp and I hope you get to experience the excitement of grade 5 camp to.
    I hope you enjoyed my post.

  7. Dear 5RK,
    Recently the entire grade 5’s went to camp. I really enjoyed the scare bear also known as the giant swing. At first I was scared watching all the other people do it before me but I was determined to go all the way to the top. Everyone was pulling me up. They started counting down from three. When they got to one I came swinging down at top speed. I was going so fast that my glasses almost came straight off. I really enjoyed the giant swing .
    Thanks for reading.

  8. Dear fellow reader,
    A few weeks ago the year 5’s went to camp Rumbug ( the funnest camp of them all ). when we arrived we were shown a presentation and a bit of a tour, then we were told our cabins all the 5RK girls were together thanks to Miss Koth. We also did heaps of activities like:
    The fun and fitness course, canoeing, abseiling, archery, giant swing, drawbrige coarse, environmental ropes, night walks, a disco and red faces.
    The activities definitely made the camp more fun.
    I hope you enjoyed reading about my activities post.

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