Inquiry: Black Saturday

Hi Team,

Last week I was very impressed by our role-play, the ‘2014 Black Saturday Bushfires Community Conference’. You all embraced a role of a community member and developed an understanding of the ways these people were affected by the Black Saturday Bushfires.  You used this informative website to learn about the experiences and stories of different people. Including people who live in fire affected areas, people who lost family members, fire-fighters, psychologists and the Emergency Services Commissioner. We explored their lives before, during and after the tragedy of Black Saturday.

On this page can you share:

  • A fact you learnt about Black Saturday

  • Your role in the role-play, including the person you researched and a summary of their story.

  • What you learnt from completing a role-play

Please write a quality comment and structure your response using our reflective questions:

‘What did we learn?’                ‘How did we learn it?’   

‘What was interesting?’              ‘Were we successful?’

Looking forward to reading your responses!

Miss Koth

3 thoughts on “Inquiry: Black Saturday

  1. Dear Fellow Bloggers,
    What did we learn?
    I learnt how to act out a role play about people that suffered in black Saturday.
    How did we learn it?
    I learnt it by doing a role play and acting as a person from a media.
    What was interesting?
    What I found interesting was how many people lost their homes from a bushfire.
    Were we successful?
    I think we were successful because we acted like we were in there shoes.
    Thank You 🙂 A.J.S .

  2. Dear world,
    What did we learn?
    We learnt how to act out the roles the people who was in the black Saturday.
    How did we learn it?
    We learnt it by creating a role play about the people involved in Black Saturday.
    What was interesting?
    It was interesting that the play was very successful and we acted like we were them.
    Were we successful?
    We were successful because the play went very smooth and we learnt a lot about our topic.
    Thanks for reading

  3. Dear world
    What did we learn?
    We learnt about different people’s experiences.
    How did we learn it?
    We learnt it by working in groups and helping each other write a script.
    What was interesting?
    What we found interesting is that no to stories were the same.
    Where we successful?
    We were successful because we all shared and finished our scripts in the time we were given.

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