Toolangi State Forest Excursion

Toolangi State Forest

On Friday 5RK and 5MR went on an excursion to Toolangi State Forest. We began by completing hands on activities in the Community House. We learnt about bushfires, animal adaptations and the impacts on the community. On our journey we explored two different types of forest; the Mountain Ash Forest and the Wirrawilla Rainforest. We explored for animal clues and discovered how plants and animals survive and interact in the forest. We finished the trip by visiting a local Logging Coupe and learnt about sustainability and the effect of cutting down trees.

Please share a reflection comparing and contrasting the Mountain Ash Forest and the Wirrawilla Rainforest. Please share 3 things you found interesting. You could have learnt these facts in any of the forests, during our guided bus tour, at the Community House or at the Logging Coupe.

I am looking forward to reading what you learnt during our excursion!

Miss Koth


5 thoughts on “Toolangi State Forest Excursion

  1. Dear world,
    On Friday, we visited Toolangi National park. I enjoyed learning about the mountain ash forest and the Warwilla rainforest.
    I believe that some comparisons are that the mountain ash forest is a drier place than the rainforest. The rainforest also has defence to prevent all of the trees to get burnt.
    Some contrasts are that the rainforest still has burnt down trees, the rainforest and the mountain ash forest both have moss growing on burnt down trees.
    When we visited the logging coup, I felt sad at what builders are doing to the trees there. I’m going to try and do my best to stop it by doing simple things like using less paper.
    Some highlights of the trip were drinking fresh water from the creek in the rainforest, learning about different trees and also finding out what kind of animals live in the habitat.
    Thanks for reading.

  2. Dear Miss Koth,
    On Friday, 5RK and 5MR visited toolangi. It was very interesting and I am sure that everyone enjoyed it.I must say that the best part was drinking the water straight from the river, I can’t believe that the water was clear and was able to drink.
    It was very interesting that the wombats actually stick their bum out during a bushfire to prevent air from getting into the tunnels they dig. It was also very interesting that all he strawberries in Australia are produced in Toolangi.
    In the end, everyone learnt a lot of new things and we learnt more about our topic ‘GEOGRAPHY ON FIRE.
    Thanks for reading!!!!

  3. Hi fellow Bloggers,
    A few weeks ago 5RK and 5MR went to Toolangi National park. We all went in to a forest well make that 2 they were amazing. One of the highlights were when we saw some part of a burnt tree. It was the best experinence! 🙂

    Thanks A.J.S

  4. Hi Everybody,
    Last term, our topic was Geography on Fire and to expand our knowledge on fires and forest, we went to Toolangi park. We had a lot of fun and learnt so much. Something that I personally found interesting is that some trees need fires to regenerate. I really liked exploring the mountain ash forest, rainforest and logging coup. My favourite part of the day was trying the water that was fresh from the river. I was surprised that it tasted normal!
    As a result, Toolangi was awesome.
    Thanks for reading, E.C

  5. Dear 5RK,
    I think the excursion was a great experience. It was so fun walking around the forest and seeing all the sky-scraping trees. I learnt that during Black Saturday the fire formed like a ring around Toolangi. We had a look at a logging coup and the guide said that there have been protesters. Overall it was really exciting learning about different animals and I hope I go again.

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