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What is stealing? This is a question we have been focusing on during our Philosophy lessons. We have been creating criteria to help us understand and decide if different scenarios are considered stealing and to what extent. With so many big ideas and questions, it would be great to use this page as a way to continue to share and develop our ideas.

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3 thoughts on “Philosophy

  1. 1. Is it alright to steal if it makes you feel good?
    2. Is it alright to steal something from someone if they wouldn’t mind if you stole it?
    3. Is it alright to steal if the other person will never find out?
    4. If you steal only a little piece of something does that make it alright?
    5. Is it alright to steal form someone who has more than you?

  2. Dear Fellow Bloggers,
    I am going to write about Question 5.
    I think that it is not ok because somone that has more than you have earned it from eg: work or chores. So thats why I believe that it is not ok to steal.
    See ya A.J.S

  3. Dear fellow bloggers,
    I am going to comment on question 1. I don’t think that it is ok to steal from someone if it makes you happy because it might make you happy but it wont make someone else happy and when you see them looking for it (e.g. money) it won’t make them happy and then you won’t feel happy because their not feeling happy so in the end nobody will be happy because you cant hold on to happiness.
    If you disagree or agree please say so.
    thanks for reading

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