Public Speaking

Hi Team,

As you are all aware, this term we will be having a ‘Public Speaking’ lesson each week. During the term you will all have the opportunity to present a speech to the class on a topic that interests you. You will also have a chance to be an evaluator to provide constructive feedback to another student. Other roles include chairperson, timer, ICT, quiz team and audience.

Attached is a copy of your student instruction booklet (click the red link on the right). Public Speaking Student Book

Please contribute to this discussion by providing quality comments on your experiences in these lessons!

Miss Koth


2 thoughts on “Public Speaking

  1. Hi 5RK!
    As most of you would know, I was chair person in week one! I would like to give some tips:
    1. Always be prepared! It’s your job to make sure that there are enough people to do a job!
    2. When introducing, it’s like you’re actually speaking so memorise what you have to say
    3. Come up with original compliments for speakers!
    Thank you everyone and I hope that these tips will help you!

    • Hi A.SO,
      I have enjoyed all of the public speaking lessons so far this term.
      Thanks for the excellent advice! I agree with all of your ideas.
      I am looking forward to reading more suggestions from you and the rest of the class as the term continues!
      Miss Koth

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