Science Incursion with Professor Bunsen

Hi Team,

I hope you enjoyed all the events during ‘Science Week’ last week. To support our chemical science unit ‘What’s the Matter?’, the Year 5 students had a visit from Professor Bunsen. He presented a fun and interesting science show. Some of the experiments included; blood-in-the-kitchen, disappearing water, instant colour changes in the kitchen, how heat packs work, getting into nappy science and baking a cake without an oven. The show finished outside with some exciting reactions. It was great to see everyone learn more about Science. 

Please use this page to reflect on the incursion. What did you learn? What was your favourite experiment?

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11 thoughts on “Science Incursion with Professor Bunsen

  1. Hello world,
    On Wednesday last week we went to a science incursion, it was in 5EZ classroom. We met a professor called Professor Bunsen.
    We learnt a lot of new things using fun materials such as goo, chocolate and BARBIE. With Professor Bunsen we focused on atom, solids, liquids and gases. Some thing I learnt more about was atoms molecules and electrons.
    Thanks for reading my post.

    • Ola world,
      I agree with C.Y.C’s post as it was a great educational session and I enjoyed the blowing up barbie part especially. I learnt how atoms behave in solids, liquid & gases too. It was a very enjoyable session many thanks to Professor Bunsen!
      Arigato world.
      T.P 🙂

  2. Hello world,
    Ok Wednesday 5RK and other classes had a science incursion.
    I really enjoyed learning things from Professor Bunsen. I learnt lots of things I couldn’t remember everything!
    He talked about what matter is: solid, liquid and gas. He also talked about viscosity and how solid turns into liquid, and how liquid turns to gas.
    My favourite part of the experiments he did was shooting barbie into space! 
    Thanks for reading! 

  3. Hi Everyone,
    Recently, the year five’s all got to enjoy a science incursion with Professor Bunsen We were all entertained and enjoyed the presentation.
    We were all hot, sweaty and tired from PE but we all lit up when he pulled out goo, hot water, chemicals and a bar of chocolate. I enjoyed the explosions, experiments and how Professor Bunsen entertained the audience. I learnt that the more energy something has, the further apart the molecules move.
    At twenty past twelve, the grade five’s went onto the basketball court excitedly. Unfortunately, I was at cross country training but I could hear the happy cheers and screams as barbie shot into space. I made it back in time to see mentos blow up a bottle of coke. WOW!
    Thanks for reading!

  4. Dear World,
    Last Wednesday, the grade 5 classes had a science incursion with Professor Bunsen (a real scientist)! Fire, explosions, disappearing spheres and overflowing bottles. Professor Bunsen experiments were awesome! He talked about different states of matter and when atoms and molecules were heated they want to spread out more so that is why ice melts it spreads apart. He did so many experiments! He proved that ping pong balls were made of cotton by setting it on fire and then setting a piece of cotton on fire and the reaction was the same. He made a bottle fly really high in the sky by pumping it with air. He even had water spheres that when put in water they were invisible! They were made from 98% water. It could grow to the size of a tennis ball. He even blew Barbie up! In that tragic accident she lost her leg and her arm. Professor Bunsen was so funny! I learnt so much about science!
    Thanks for reading!

  5. Dear fellow bloggers,
    On Wednesday we had a science incursion. The scientists name was Professor Bunsen and he did a lot of experiments including using fire to blow things across the room. My favourite experiments were when he put hot water into the mug and it changed pictures, then he put the purple putty in and it turned pink and sticky. I also liked when he shot Barbie into space. He did that by putting a bottle on one of those launcher pads and then sat the Barbie doll on top of the bottle. After that he made a Pepsi fountain.

  6. Dear fellow bloggers,
    On the 28th of May, Professor Bunsen came to my school to show us some amazing things and we learnt a lot of things about the world of science.
    Professor Bunsen talked about the different forms that everything can be in. He taught us in a fun way involving fire water bottles balls and a lot of other things.
    My favourite experiment he completed was probably shooting barbie into space. It was a perfect example to demonstrate water and pressure. I really enjoyed it and hope that he can come again.
    Thanks for reading @ 

  7. Dear 5RK,
    Recently the entire Year 5’s were lucky enough to have a science incursion by Professor Bunsen. I really enjoyed trying and watching science experiments. I think that it was really successful. One thing I learnt was matter. My favourite part was when I made a cupcake with my hands and when we shot Barbie into space.
    Thanks for reading.

  8. Dear 5RK,
    I have really enjoyed the science incursion and watching Barbie go to the moon on a normal plastic bottle! On the 28th of May 5RK went to a science incursion and I attended it too with all my friends. At the incursion Professor Bunsen showed us lots of science tricks. My favourite was the explosion with the after fire. I thought the fire would last longer but I learnt that the gas can last a short amount of time before disappearing into thin air. I also learnt how to make a bottle fly with only an air pump! I think a few times his tricks didn’t work and he had to try a few times. Well that’s all my ideas on the incursion. Thanks for reading. From J.A

  9. Dear Fellow bloggers,
    Last Wednesday all the Year 5 classes had a science incursion with a real scientist by the name of Professor Bunsen. He did lots of experiment that involved fire, explosions, disappearing water spheres and he proved that ping pong balls are made of cotton by setting it on fire and then setting a piece of cotton on fire. They had the same reaction. Professor Bunsen launched Barbie into the air as well as a full bottle of Pepsi. The Pepsi bottle made a fountain although we did not get to drink the Pepsi. Then he launched barbie into the air. The first time he launched barbie into the air she fell but nothing happened to Barbie. The second time Barbie fell and broke her arm and leg. My favourite part of the incursion was when Professor Bunsen made the overflowing bottle!
    Thanks for reading!

  10. Hi 5RK,
    A few days ago, a scientist called Professor Bunsen came to our school especially to teach the grade fives about matter. We did different experiments to test our understandings of science.
    We tested different solids, liquids and gasses. My favourite part was when we launched Barbie into space. We had to launch her into space twice because the first time she came back down and didn’t break the second time, however, she came down and broke one arm and a leg.
    There were many other experiments that I enjoyed that included fire. I especially liked when he set a ping pong ball on fire.
    It was really unlucky that he put mentos in a bottle of pepsi but we didn’t get to drink it. What a waste of pepsi!
    Thanks for reading!

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