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Hi Team,

During Science Week we had a Science night for all the students and their families to attend! We had an excellent turnout with so many families working together on a range of experiments! On the laptops we had ‘The Scale of the Universe’ – in case you want to explore it more, the website is:  

Thank-you to everyone who made the effort the support the Science night! It would be great if you all could share your thoughts on Science night, on this page. 

I am looking forward to reading your responses!

Miss Koth

7 thoughts on “Science Night

  1. Hi fellow bloggers,
    I really enjoyed science night on Thursday, last week with my friends and my mum.
    On the night, there were 10 activities to do. There was a humongous water baby, ice stuck on string, milk dye, bubble blowing, oobleck, paper boats, a stick a stick through a balloon, word search and liquid races.
    I enjoyed all activities that were set out because the teachers put a lot of effort into them and made them very fun!
    Thanks for reading 

  2. Dear fellow bloggers,
    Recently 5RK got together for science night. I went with my mum and we searched around each table. There was a range of different activities like giant bubbles, water crystals, solid changing custard, milk dye, string in ice, paper boats, liquid race and melting race it was fun and exciting to experiment with.
    Thanks for reading my post

  3. Hi Fellow Bloggers,
    Last week, I enjoyed attending Science Night with my brother and dad. There were so many activities to explore.
    There were activities such as water crystals, oobleck, things with ice, giant bubbles, food die mixed with milk, skewer through a balloon, viscosity experiment, paper boats and picture quizzes. I was entertained by the bubbles and balloons but everything was a lot of fun. One thing that was difficult was finding the right consistency for the oobleck. We wanted it to look like a liquid but feel like a solid.
    I hope you enjoyed my post!

  4. Hello fellow bloggers,
    Last Thursday night, grade 5 classes had a science night! I went there with my Mum, Step Dad and sister. We did all the activities and they were really exciting. My favourite activity was the Observable Universe because you could see things as small as atoms and zoom out and see galaxies. It was on the computer and it really put things into perspective. I also learnt that some states of matter are both liquid and solid. Science night was so fun! I hope you enjoyed it if you were there. Science night was the best!
    Thanks for reading!

  5. Dear fellow bloggers,
    On Thursday night, the entire Year 5s had Science night. There were eleven activities to do and I finished all of them with just the right amount of time to look around and watch some clips on the big T.V. Our class was allowed in Mr Reid’s class to do the other activities. My favourite activity was where you had to try and get a skewer through a balloon without popping it.

  6. Dear Miss Koth,
    On the 29th of May all the year 5s had an awesome time at science night.
    There are a lot of different experiments and activities. In my opinion my favourite would be the colour changing milk, it was so cool!
    I attended science night with my sister; she had a lot of fun as well.
    I learnt that not all things are solid, liquids or gases. Some of them are a combination of a solid and a liquid.
    I am really looking forward to next year’s science night
    Thanks for reading! 

  7. Dear 5RK,
    Recently 5RK had a science night. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to try out new experiments. There was oobleck, the stick through the balloon, the giant bubbles, paper boats, water crystals and liquid races. My favourite experiment was the giant bubbles.
    I hope you enjoyed my post.

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