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Hi Team,

In Week 4 all of you presented excellent Science Talent Search projects. The topic ‘Food for our future: Science feeding the world’ encouraged all of you to create very interesting pieces of creative writing, posters, games, experiments and working models. I learnt a lot from listening to your presentations, and reading your projects and I know your peers learnt a lot too! 

I appreciate the effort everyone went to to produce creative, informative and engaging projects, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to reflect on your efforts. 

Please use this page to reflect on your own project, presentation and the learning that came from completing your own research and listening to the presentations of your peers. Make sure your write a quality comment!

I am looking forward to reading your reflections.

Miss Koth

16 thoughts on “Science Talent Search

  1. Dear fellow bloggers,
    I really enjoyed making my Science Talent Search. The name of my project was Magnet Mania. I think I did really well presenting my project to the class. I think that everyone in the class knows about magnets. I think I could improve on explaining the topic more to the class. The three things that I learnt from my project were magnetic attraction, repulsion and levitation. Three things that I learnt from my class were phytoplankton, sharks and bees. I really enjoyed doing the Science Talent Search. I hope you enjoyed my post!

  2. Hi 5RK!
    I really enjoyed working on and listening to everyone’s awesome Science Talent Search projects. Everyone put in so much effort.
    For my project, I did a creative story on the topic Meatless Monday. I was fascinated that by 2050, the world won’t be able to feed everyone, we are eating too much meat to stay healthy and we can get all the nutrition we get from meat, from fruit and veggies.
    When I was listening to M.B’s project, I learnt that fish and seafood are caught safely. In A.J.S’s story, I learnt that new inventions are being created every day. Finally, in ASo’s story, I learnt about using substitutes for things that are running out and things that take a long time to make.
    I believe that my Science Talent Search project was fantastic and that I did the best that I could. I am proud that my project has passed the first stage and is moving on.
    Thanks for reading!

  3. Hello 5RK!
    I really enjoyed sharing all our science talent search presentations. I loved all of them. I learnt new things that I’ve never known before.
    For my project, I did a picture-story book called Who Would Have Thought That. When I was researching I learnt about different substitutes for things that are running out and that take a long time to produce and that take a long time to make.
    When I was listening to E.C’s story, I learnt that you can skip one day of the week without meat. When I was listening to M.B’s story I learnt that you can save fish for the future.
    I found science talent search interesting and a fascinating project.
    I am proud that my project has passed the first stage.
    Thanks for reading!

  4. Dear fellow bloggers,
    I made a poster and it was very exciting to share it with you. I enjoyed making it and it was tonnes of fun. Farming in our backyard was a great topic because there are so many options to choose from. I should work on my presentation because for years I have bored everyone when sharing my projects. I learnt lots about vertical farming including how they save land, time and money. I was interested by other people’s projects as well. Like Joel’s one about where have all the bees gone. Hives are melting due to global warming. Did you know that there are hundreds of species of edible seaweed? I hope you enjoyed my reflection.

  5. Dear fellow bloggers, about my Science Talent Search. My topic was Insects are food,where have all the bees gone, their is more food in the sea and farming our backyard is good. Well I learnt lots and lots of new things like there is a planet like earth so we can grow plants. Well something I liked about other posters because they are very interesting.

    Bye Bye

  6. Hello world
    I really enjoyed your post about the science talent search! I once did better last year then this the one because it was awesome and epic and it was my favourite working model. But this is my favourite poster.
    Thinks for reading,

  7. Dear Awesome people that are reading this,
    We have been doing the science talent search. It was loads of fun! Everyone did an amazing job! Next time my aim will be to get in! 3 people from our class got in E.C, A.SO and E.J well done. Overall I think I did an amazing job! I hope E.C gets in to the next stage!
    Thank you for reading  A.J.S

  8. Hello Miss Koth,
    I believe that I did a great job on my Science Talent Search poster about Where Have All The Bees Gone. At the start I thought I will never finish this but I did! The reason that I think I did well was because I spoke clearly and with excitement, also because I think all my information was meant to be on the poster. Next time I should do more hand movements to engage the audience more. I learnt lots of things like man will only survive 4 years on earth without bees!
    Overall I think I did an awesome job
    P.S: Good Job to all the people that got in! T.P

  9. Hello world,
    I really enjoyed listening to all the Science Talent Search projects they were so interesting. I never thought that I could learn heaps of things from my classmate’s projects!
    The name of my project is called Junior Science food for our future. My project is a game. I felt pretty confident when speaking in front of my class explaining my game. I think that I had good eye contact and a clear voice. When I do my science talent search project next year I would like to work on making my project have a little more information.
    Three things I learnt when doing the project are that heaps of wheat is lost every year in India due to the harsh climate change, the strong sun and pests. That every day people go to sleep hungry because they can’t afford food or food just won’t grow in some areas, and that how A.S.O. said that we might have to eat lab grown meat in the future!
    I hope you enjoyed my post.

  10. Dear fellow bloggers,
    It looks like you are really enjoying the 5rk learning blog!
    Recently we have been making and sharing our science talent search projects. It has been a heap of fun. I made a picture story book. Our topic was food of our future and I was talking about eating bugs. It was a great topic to study. I was very pleased with my presentation as I worked really hard. I think I did very good drawings and could improve with some more figurative language.
    I hope you liked my post.
    By A.SC

  11. Dear fellow bloggers,
    Recently 5RK shared our science talent search projects it was interesting finding out new things when people shared their investigations. Our topic was food for our future, it was a fun and interesting topic to explore as well as learn. The project I decided to do was a poster about ‘there is more food in the sea’ while I was presenting to the class I found it quite fun. I had a few diagrams and explained each of them in detail. Next time I hope to be more confident in sharing to the class. Some things I learnt about others projects were: from A.S I learnt about how we can eat other things in replace of meats, eggs etc. Another person I learnt from was E.J he did a model about magnet power it was an interesting way to learn about the power of magnets lastly I learnt something from E.C she taught us about how we can have a meatless Monday it was very interesting. Some things that I learnt about my own poster was what phytoplankton is, how there is sea veggies and how the life cycle of the sea really works I found this really amazing to study. I really enjoyed the science talent search.

  12. Dear fellow bloggers,
    Recently, each student in 5RK has been working on their Science Talent Search. We all presented them to each other. Our topic was ‘Science Feeding Our Future.’ I did a picture story book and my topic was ‘How Science Can Sustain Seafood for the Future.’ It was very fun watching all the presentations, I learnt lots and I can’t wait to do it for the last time next year.
    I enjoyed listening to E.C’s speech and learnt about Meatless Monday. I also liked listening to A.SO’s speech. When she was reading it out I learnt that you can use substitutes for food that is running out or is hard to get.
    I am proud of my Science Talent Search project. I believe that I put in lots of effort but I feel I could have presented it better by speaking clearer and using more expressions.
    Thanks for reading

  13. Dear 5RK,
    Recently 5RK have presented our science talent search presentations. I really enjoyed learning a lot about Food for our Future Science feeding the world in a really interesting way. The reason I choose to do a picture story book was because I thought it would be the most fun and challenging way to put facts into a fiction story. My favourite part was listening to other people’s stories especially E.C and A.SO. Something I learnt was that by the year 2050 the food supply will need to double.
    I hope you enjoyed my post G.V

  14. Dear fellow bloggers,
    This year I really enjoyed listening to all the Science Talent Search projects. I learnt a lot about my topic ‘Insects are Food. I also really like sharing my poster. Three things I learnt from my project were that there are 1,462 edible insects; Entomophagy is the act of eating insects and that, crickets are the most popular insect to eat. The best thing about my poster that I liked was the layout of it. Three things I learnt from E.J’s project are the three magnetic fields and they are magnetic repultion, magnetic attraction and magnetic levitation. Next year I would like to try and improve my eye contact and to stand still when I am speaking.
    Thanks for reading,

  15. Dear fellow bloggers,
    I have been really enjoying listing to all the science talent search projects. I also really liked sharing my ‘were have the bees gone?’ poster and I hope other people liked it too. I was really nerves and worried but I think I had pretty good eye contact but not much standing still. The three things I learnt about bees is that once the queen bee dies all of the bees die and what pollination is and how bees do it. I also learnt that honey is dried out nectar. The three things I learnt from someone else’s poster which in this case its E.J. So what I learnt from his poster is magnet repultion, magnet levitation and magnet attraction.
    Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading my ideas.
    From J.A

  16. Dear 5RK,
    I really enjoyed learning about all the Science Talent Searches, they were very interesting and I learnt so many great things. While I was searching for information for my poster I learnt really good information about sea animals.
    My poster was about ‘ There is more food in the sea.’ Food for the future. My poster was good but I think I could have done better. I should have put information about the overall of my poster, and I forgot to put my Bibliography. ^_^
    Three things I learnt about my poster was that the biggest crab in the world is the Japanese Spider Crab, Octopi have 3 hearts and have blue blood to survive in deep waters, and Sea Urchins have spines, organs and livers just like us! E.J’s project was fantastic. I learnt about magnetic attraction. I had a great time!
    Thanks for reading!

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