Term 1 Review

Dear 5RK,

Well done for an excellent start to the year! We have had a very busy first term, and have completed a lot of learning! I am very proud of everything you have all achieved, and you should be too!

It is now time to think about all that you have achieved this term. This page will give you the opportunity to share the learning activity you are most proud of. Make sure you write a quality comment!

I look forward to reading your reflections!

Miss Koth

2 thoughts on “Term 1 Review

  1. Dear world,
    I had a fantastic term and it went so fast! All the learning had made me learn alot more things and expanded my knowledge even more. I am very proud about my practise NAPLAN results, I hope everyone in 5RK is proud of their high results. I am really looking forward to next term, I hope you all do.
    Happy Holidays!

  2. Dear readers,
    It has been an amazing first term with Miss.Koth. I felt proud of my NAPLAN tests and felt that I did a good job at it. I hope everyone is happy and I am looking forward to all of the other reflections.

    Have a great next term! 🙂

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