Would you rather…

Hi Everyone,

Would you rather…… be able to walk through walls or control the weather? 

Your challenge is to choose a side of the ‘would you rather’ question and use your understanding of the Philosophy tools of ‘reason’ and ‘justify’ to support and expand your ideas. It is easy to choose one side, but it can be difficult to identify reasons why it is the better option and convince others to choose and same. 

Every few days I will add a new ‘would you rather’ question to this page. Please use this space to share and discuss your ideas with your peers and consider their opinions. 

Good luck!

Miss Koth

34 thoughts on “Would you rather…

    • I would rather only be able to whisper because if I could only shout, I wouldn’t be able to say something secret without everyone around me hearing.

      • I disagree! I would rather be able to shout because if I could only be able to whisper, no one would be able to hear me!! They would have to come closer in order to hear me!!!!
        Thank you for reading my comment and I look forward to seeing your opinion on this topic!!!

      • Hi 5RK,
        I agree with D.Ms idea and have a perfect solution, if you are only able to whisper you can where a little microphone near your mouth like actors on stage and everyone will be able to hear you.
        Thanks for reading!

    • Dear Miss Koth,
      I would like to bulid on D.M’s idea because if you can only shout, you will be very embarrassed when everyone turn their heads and stare at you. Believe me, that happened to me and my cheeks turned as red as the freshest tomoatos!

      • I agree with D.M’s, T.Lu and K.C ideas because if you shouted all day long you would ruin Chinese whispers and by shouting at people they might think that you are being mean. Plus, you would have a very sore throat just after one day of shouting and get a very bad headache because everyone is shouting.
        Thanks for reading and hope to see your reply soon.

      • I 100% with T.L’s idea it will be very embarrassing if your screaming and the whole class looks at you!
        Thanks for reading bloggers I can’t wait to see other people’s ideas ! T.P

      • Dear fellow bloggers,
        I agree with T.LU’s idea on how if you scream everybody will be staring at you as you will be the centre of attention. Building on T.LU’s idea I have been in a situation like that before when 50 sets of eyes are staring at you and you turn as red as a half exploded tomato.
        Can’t wait to see your opinions.
        Thanks T.P 🙂

    • Dear fellow readers,
      I would rather be able to shout because I feel when I am whispering I am not telling the whole group. I also think that you would be talking about someone behind their back and it does not feel very nice when you are telling secrets about someone. 🙁

      Hope to see you next time! A.J.S

  1. Dear 5rk,
    I totally agree with D.M’s idea!
    Whispering would be a lot better, just imagine everyone shouting at the top of their lungs at the one time. I would be horrible!
    If everyone whispers then there will be no problems with people being to noisy and you won’t get distracted by other people.

    Thank you for reading,

    • I agree with all of the above except A.SO’s idea whispering will be much easier as D.M said and if you keep shouting you could lose your voice instead when you can keep voice!
      Thanks for reading! T.P

      • Dear 5RK
        I agree with only being able to whisper as by shouting at the end of the day you may not have a voice at all. Also building on T.L’s idea everyone will know what you are talking about and sometimes it isn’t very nice.

        Thank you for reading my post.

    • Dear 5RK
      I would rather count every grain of sand on a beach because no one actually knows what the perfect size of a drop of water. We also don’t know the size of the lake. It may be gigantic or it might be tiny. Even though counting the grains of sand on a beach may take a while, it is better than counting water. Water is a liquid and sand is a solid, you can handle solids more than handelling liquids.
      Thanks for reading, A.Sc

    • Dear 5RK
      I totally agree that you should count every grain of sand. You should because that a beach is smaller than most lakes. According to our science unit this term, it is easier to handle solids than liquids like A.SC said. Another reason is that you can lose track very easily when you are counting EVERY single drop of water! You will also get wrinkles on your hand trying to count EVERY single drop of water! So take my advice and save some time and wrinkles!
      Thank you for your time,

    • Dear 5RK,
      I would rather count every grain of sand on the beach because in a lake, there’s no limit to what size the water drop can be.
      The sand is also an object so it will be easier to count than water (If it was possible!) as the water drops would keep evaporating or dripping out of your hand.

  2. Dear 5rk,
    I agree!
    There is no actual size of a water drop and it would be a lot harder to handle than grains of sand.
    Furthermore, there is a very big chance that a lake is a lot bigger than the beach.
    You hands will get really wrinkly and water will change shape and sand doesn’t.
    Overall I would rather count every single grain of sand (even if it takes 100 hours) than counting every drop of water in a lake.
    I hope you enjoyed reading

    • Dear Everyone!
      I agree with everyone’s ideas so far.
      Even if counting the sand on an entire beach took longer it would be easier and way more safe. To build on K.C’s idea, there are huge lakes on this Earth and some very small beaches. Why would you even want to be cold in the water when you can be warm on the beach?
      It is obvious that counting all the grains of sand on the beach would be easier than counting all the drops of water in a lake.
      Thanks for reading!

      • Dear Every Human That Is Reading,
        I would like to agree with E.C and K.C’s idea about how big lakes are. There are various lakes around the whole entire WORLD so you would be better off counting the grains of sand. I would also like to add that the lakes are not approximate and there are various sized water drops.
        That is why I strongly feel that I would count grains of sand!

        Thank you readers A.J.S

        • Dear 5RK,
          Building on E.C idea, you would get very cold in a lake and you would be nice and warm on a beach. It might take longer but it so much safer because in a lake you might drown.
          Thanks for reading.

    • Hello,
      I would like to watch a movie with pictures and no sound because I honestly think that a picture can tell 1000 words. I also think that it would be less boring because when you are just listening to a random voice it would be very boring.

      Thanks hope to post soon! A.J.S

    • Hi Everyone!
      I believe that watching a movie with no picture would be way worst than watching a movie with no sound.
      If you listen to a movie, you can still tell what the movie is a about and picture the right story in your mind. If you are just watching, you could have the complete wrong idea of what is happening.
      Some movies have singing in them and you wouldn’t want to watch the actors just prancing around the stage with their mouth’s moving.
      I hope that i have persuaded you all.

    • Dear 5RK,
      I would rather watch a movie with picture but no sound as you can just imagine what the character is saying.
      If there was sound and no picture, I wouldn’t know what the setting was like.
      Thanks for reading my comment and I can’t wait to see your responses!

    • Dear 5RK,
      I would rather be a child as children look at the playful side of things whereas, adults mostly take everything seriously.
      Children also can also understand things that adults don’t.
      I can’t wait to see your comments on my response!

  3. Dear world
    I would rather be a child because you will be able to go to your friends house and you don’t need to work everyday and sometimes not see you child also I will be able too play my favortite sport. Also I wont need to always tidy up after my children.
    Y.D – 5NR

  4. Hey world!
    We would rather shout a secret than whisper one because when you shout people don’t really
    understand what you say because it is not 100% clear so they won’t hear you if you don’t want them to. And, if you want more than one person to hear the secret then it will be a faster way for more people to know it rather than to just whisper it to one person.
    Thanks for reading. See you later world!
    5NR -NK and GC

  5. Hello world
    I would rather shout then whisper because people wont really hear you if you whisper to say something.
    If you shout people can hear you because if you where in a soccer match people wont be able to hear you.
    If you shout it is to hear if you whisper know one could hear you.
    from KK – 5NR

  6. Dear fellow readers,
    I would rather be a child so that I don’t have to look after myself , I will live longer as a child and I strongly believe that children have loads more fun than adults.

    Thanks for reading C.M.C.

    • Hi 5RK,
      I would much rather be a child than and adult. Children take the fun side of things and don’t have to be serious. Children also don’t have to follow any serious rules such as laws. Being active and playing with friends are some of my favourite things to do and you never really see any adults doing either.
      I hope that you agree.

  7. Dear 5RK
    I would like to be able to control the weather because if there is a disaster like a tornado I can stop it and save the world! 😀 Thank you for reading my opinion and I look forward to seeing your opinion.

  8. Dear 5RK
    I think it would be better to shout rather than whisper. My first reason is because if you were talking to somebody on the phone how on earth would they be able to hear you! It would be like you are talking to a wall. I look forward to seeing your opinion and many thanks for reading.

    from Y.J

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