Fantastic Figurative Language

Hi Team,

Our focus on Narrative Writing this term has helped developed everyone’s understanding of Figurative Language. I have been so impressed by the figurative language you have used in your writing, I thought we should share them on our blog!


We have investigated:

    Similes              Metaphors               Alliteration

           Hyperbole             Personification       



On this page you have the opportunity to share your most creative figurative language examples! Make sure you follow the quality commenting guidelines.

I look forward to reading your posts!

Miss Koth

10 thoughts on “Fantastic Figurative Language

  1. Dear 5RK,
    I would like to share some examples of personification:
    The chair squeaked in the dark
    The walls felt lethargic after holding up the roof for many hours
    The dog demanded for his food
    I would also like to add that I love the Figurative Language topic and I will always use it in writing pieces.

  2. Dear 5RK,
    I have enjoyed learning about figurative language. Here are some examples of personification:
    The wind howled in the dark,
    The sun woke up from its sleep,
    The clouds swam over us,
    The trees whispered in the wind,
    The tiles screamed as the water washed over them.
    I would like to say that personification is my favourite type of figurative language.
    D.J.M singing off.

  3. Hello 5RK,
    In term 1 and 2, 5RK learned alot more about figurative lanaguage. I would to share some examples of similes that I learned thoughout term 1 and 2:
    Easy as pie
    As loud as a lion
    As light as a feather
    I hope all of 5RK could be experts of figurative language when they finish year 5.

  4. Greetings world,
    This term we have beeen learning fantastic figurative language and it really has been fantastic. Here are some examples:
    . The winds whispered (Personification)
    . ” Boom, crash” (Onomatopoeia)
    . Terrifing Tiger teaches Tom to do tricks ( Alliteration)

    Signed of by T.P

  5. Hello world,
    I have learnt a lot about figurative language this year these are some similes:
    They were like a pack of wolves fighting over a scrap of meat.
    I know it like the back of my hand.
    As quiet as an ant.
    As sharp as a knife.
    As cold as ice.
    As hot as the sun.
    He was like he had seen a ghost
    The grass was like a carpet.

    From EJ

  6. Dear World,
    This term I have enjoyed learning using lots of figurative language.
    An example of figurative language is a HYPERBOLE such as ” mums going to kill me”

    From GV

  7. Dear Miss Koth,
    I feel that I am very proud of my figurative language. I am now able to justify which is which. Here are some examples!
    As loud as an elephant.
    As quiet as a mouse.
    As awesome as me A.J.S:)

    I hope you like my improvement. 🙂

    See ya later A.J.S 🙂

  8. Dear 5RK
    I have some great examples of figurative language eg:
    Clancy called Conner considering to catch the clever cat. (alliteration)
    Tom was as scared as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs (simile)
    If i don’t do my homework mum is going to kill me. (hyperbole)
    Thanks for reading my post

  9. Dear 5RK,
    I would like to share some examples of alliteration:
    Happy Henry hates hats and has hiccups!
    These are some well known tongue twisters/alliterations:
    Peter Piper picked a pack of pickeled peppers. If Peter Piper picked a pack of pickeled peppers, how many pickeled peppers did Peter Piper pick?
    Betty bought some butter but the butter was bitter so Betty bought some better butter to make the bitter butter better.
    Thank’s for reading!

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