Writing Procedures!

Hi Team,

Over the past two Fridays we have had the opportunity to focus on procedure writing with Mr Smith. Last week we watched a Jamie Oliver video clip – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcOAv7T_dnM – and had to use our listening, note-taking and summarising skills to create the procedure on how to make ‘Zesty Fairy Cakes’.

Working in groups of 4-6, the students displayed the values of ‘Responsibly’, ‘Respect’ and ‘Understanding Tolerance and Inclusion’ to organise the ingredients and utensils and cook as independent groups in the staff room.

I am very proud of how well the students prepared themselves and collaborated in their groups. Well done! Use this page to reflect on your experience. Please make sure you write a quality comment!

Miss Koth

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9 thoughts on “Writing Procedures!

  1. Dear fellow bloggers,
    On Friday 5RK got to write a procedural text with Mr Smith it was fun and interesting but after we wrote the text we got to make them.
    We had a group of 6 or 4. In my group was E.J, K.C, T.L and me. We ended up with successful cupcakes, it was soooooo yummy and I enjoyed that day so much.
    Thanks for reading my post

  2. Dear fellow peers,
    I had lots of fun making fairy cakes on Friday. My group E.C, T.P, T.Lew and M.M worked wonderfully together.
    I enjoyed making the batter the most! While the cupcakes were in the oven T.P and E.C made the strawberry icing and M.M, Tri.Le and I made the pear icing.
    We could smell the cupcakes from our cooking bench. When they got out they looked beautiful.
    After we iced the cupcakes we sprinkled the cupcakes with colourful hearts. We let Mr Smith and Miss Koth have the first taste.
    In the end we finished all of them and we thought it was DELICIOUS!!
    Thanks for reading!

  3. Hi World,
    On Friday the 30th of May, our class got into groups and brought the ingredients to successfully make cupcakes. The week before, Mr Smith had shown us a Jamie Oliver recipe on food tube. We had to write down the recipe as a team.
    We went into the staff room and happily got out our ingredients. With the help of Mr Smith’s mixing and Miss Koth’s encouragement, our cupcakes went in to the oven looking nice and came out looking delicious. The icing was easy, fun to make and put on the cupcakes. The finishing touch was the fruit and sprinkles.
    Thanks for reading.

  4. Dear Fellow Bloggers,
    C.Y.C, T.LU, K.C and E.J made zesty fairy cakes. We went to the staff room to make the cupcakes. We first mixed all the core ingredients in a bowl and put some orange and lemon zest into the mixture. Then we put some orange juice into the mixture. We put the mixture in the cupcake moulds and in the oven for 15 minutes. We made the icing with blueberries and raspberries, cream cheese and icing sugar. Our cupcakes turned out delicious although the presentation wasn’t the best. We all really enjoyed making the cupcakes. We all worked as a team very well. We hope you can make the cupcakes as well as we did.
    Thankyou for reading
    K.C, E.J, C.Y.C and T,LU

  5. Dear fellow bloggers,
    On Friday we made citrus fairy cake cupcakes following the recipe of Jamie Oliver on food tube. We all followed Mr Smith to the staff room with our ingredients. In my group we had me, A.S and L.T. I think we worked well as a team and it looked really good in the end. We followed the recipe most of the time but changed some things in the batter and icing. Overall, I think we did really well and our cupcakes turned out great. I would definitely do it again and would suggest everyone to do it.

  6. Dear 5RK,
    A few days ago we had 2 hours of fairy making. I really enjoyed working with a group to successfully make fairy cakes. My favourite part was eating them at the end.
    I hope you enjoyed my post.

  7. Dear world, on the 30th of May, we created some delicious cupcakes. It was a recipe from Jamie Oliver.
    We took notes while watching his video and wrote a procedural text. We worked with Mr Smith and Miss Koth. They helped us to stay organised.
    Each member from our team E.J, K.C and C.Y.C all took the responsibility of bringing the ingredients and the equipment. The cupcakes were a big success but the appearance wasn’t very good.
    I really enjoyed making the cupcakes because we worked as a team. The most difficult thing to do was crushing the blueberries because they were so hard! In my opinion, I think that the results were amazing and I want to make some more next time!
    Thanks for reading!

  8. Dear fellow bloggers,
    On Friday 5RK made fairy cakes by following a procedure by Jamie Oliver. The class had to bring ingredients for their team. We all had to go down to the staff room with Mr Smith to bake them. The cupcakes took up 2 hours to make but they turned out really nice. My group made the cupcakes but the icing was a bit harder than everything else. I learnt that adding too much cream to the icing can make it turn sloppy and runny. MR Smith walked around to help all the groups and instruct them. After we made the cupcakes we got to eat the and boy were they yum. Thanks for reading my thoughts about the cupcakes!
    From J.A

  9. Dear fellow bloggers,
    On Friday, 5RK went to the staff room to cook cupcakes we were all separated into teams. We worked in groups of 4-6 and together we had to make fairy cakes using Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube recipes.
    Our cupcakes were cooked to perfection and they tasted really nice.
    At the end I had a magnificent idea to put tiny triangle pyramids on top.
    I reckon our team should definitely be on Masterchef!!!
    Thank you for reading!!!

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